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USSEC Provides Technical Service to Dairy Producers in El Salvador

USSEC recently provided technical service in nutrition and management to dairy producers in El Salvador.  Consultant Carlos Campabadal visited three dairy farms to review their feeding programs and dairy rations, and to give recommendations to improve milk production and reproductive parameters.  He also visited the Salvadorian Dairy Producers Association where he gave a conference to a group of 45 dairy producers and technicians from El Salvador titled “Factors Affecting Milk Protein Content.”  The engaged audience asked many questions about this topic in addition to further questions related to forage production; dairy feeding programs; use of total confinement; silage production; nutrient requirements of feed additives; special types of soybean meal such as soy plus; the importance of using high quality protein sources such as U.S. soybean meal; dairy replacement feeding programs; and the use of milk replacers.