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USSEC Provided Technical Service to Dairy Cattle Producers in Honduras

USSEC recently provided technical service in nutrition and management to dairy cattle producers in Honduras.  During this trip, consultant Carlos Campabadal visited five dairy farms to give recommendations on the nutrition and management of dairy cattle and presented a conference, “Feeding Systems for Improving Milk Production,” at each farm.  Topics covered were:  forage utilization; use of dairy feeds; ingredient composition of the dairy feeds; nutrient composition; the importance of the use of high quality protein sources such as U.S. soybean meal in dairy feeds; the use of complementary feeds; among others.  

Each conference was attended by about 100 dairy producers who asked many questions during the conferences and breaks.  Honduras is one of the Central American countries with a high potential for milk production.  Its producers, however, need more technical service in dairy nutrition and management and their dairy cows’ diets need to have increased levels of U.S. soybean meal and decreased amounts of other protein sources.