soybean field

USSEC Provides Technical Assistance to Soybean Crushers in Costa Rica and Mexico

USSEC consultant Jorge Martinez and U.S. technician Tripp Fezler recently visited a soybean crusher in Costa Rica to provide technical assistance. During this visit, the consultants discussed current bleaching parameters with plant staff. Mr. Fezler gave a presentation on bleaching optimization and provided several guidelines to help improve the color of the bleached soy oil. They visited the processing facility and gave on-site recommendations to improve bleaching processing conditions while viewing the plant’s operations and state of its equipment.
Mr. Martinez also visited this company’s headquarters in San Jose to meet with its Commercial Director and Marketing Manager to plan a supermarket promotion campaign of its new brand of soybean oil fortified with DHA and EPA. The advertising will focus on a self-conscious market segment that maintains a healthy lifestyle and healthy nutrition habits. After the Costa Rican visit, Mr. Fezler traveled to Monterrey, Mexico with USSEC consultant Pedro Gonzalez to provide technical assistance to a soybean crushing plant and to conduct a seminar for that company’s managers and technical staff. Approximately 20 employees attended the seminar where topics such as innovation in refining soybean oil were discussed.