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USSEC Shares EMP Project Report for Ghana Aquaculture

USSEC announces the completion of an Emerging Markets Program (EMP) report completed by Auburn University’s International Center for Aquaculture and Aquatic Environments.  This report, “Demonstration of Soy-Based Fish Feed in West Africa:  The ASA-IM Feed-Based Pond and Cage Culture Project,” summarizes the activities that seek to reinforce the growing segment of small and medium scale tilapia producers in West Africa.  The long-term goal of this project is to demonstrate how the use of soy-based feed can improve profits for fish farmers.  Prior experience showed the Auburn researchers that other short term benchmarks needed to be met first, including record keeping and providing training and experience.  Five demonstration sites, four in Ghana and one in Togo, were monitored from 2012 through 2013, with interns trained to work at these sites, plus workshops and further training were provided on location.  In addition, pond growout trials were conducted at several sites.

USSEC Regional Director – Europe & Middle East / North Africa Brent Babb sees this report as another EMP and Quality Samples Program (QSP) success story for USSEC.  “Although the volume of feed that is exported from Louisiana to West Africa is just about 1000-2000 metric tons annually, this amount is directly related to a QSP project established by USSEC several years ago.  While the volume is not outstanding, it is not often that we have such a clear success in a challenging market,” says Mr. Babb.
Read the full report here:
EMP Project Report for Ghana Aquaculture