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USSEC Publishes Biosecurity Guide for MENA Commercial Poultry Production

USSEC recently published a biosecurity guide for commercial poultry production in the Middle East and North Africa in English, French, and Arabic. The guide aims to provide farmers with the information they need to implement a successful biosecurity program, which will enable farmers to control and eliminate diseases that are currently devastating the poultry industry.
Over the past 20 years, the commercial poultry industry has grown tremendously worldwide. Due to chicken’s versatility as a food, consumption has increased, and it is lower priced and considered a healthier choice as compared to other meats. As the poultry industry has rapidly expanded, however, diseases have become more common and increasingly costly.
In many regions of the world, diseases in the commercial poultry industry have resulted in devastating losses and companies have been forced to rely on increasing amounts of vaccines and antibiotics to control these losses. In recent years, several diseases, including a variant Newcastle disease and several types of avian influenza, have become endemic, resulting in substantial deficits.
The success of the poultry industry depends on improved performance. This will allow the industry to continue to grow and increase its demand for soybeans.
Please use the links below to access the guides:
Biosecurity Guide ENGLISH BR 27
Biosecurity Guide FRENCH 12
Biosecurity Guide Arabic 17