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USSEC Promotes Tempe in Sulawesi, Indonesia

USSEC Indonesia’s Food Program Manager Dady Maskar recently spoke at a seminar on tempe and health in Makassar, Sulawesi, Indonesia.  The conference was a collaboration between the Indonesian Tempe Forum (ITF) and the State University of Makassar to provide updates on the health benefits of tempe and other soyfood products.  The meeting attracted 80 participants: lecturers, students, and representatives from local government institutions as well as tempe and tofu producers in Makassar.


USSEC and ITF were recognized by Dr. Hussain Syam, faculty dean of food technology at the university, for organizing the seminar.  Dr. Made Astawan, representing ITF, gave a science-based presentation on soy benefits, debunking the myths and misinformation associated with the consumption of soy.  Mr. Maskar supported the presentation and promoted National Tempe Day on June 6.
The afternoon session focused on the importance of promoting tempe consumption and the possibility of implementing ITF Activities in Makassar.  In Indonesia, tempe is less popular outside Java.  Considering the nutritonal value and health benefit potential of tempe, however, it was agreed to put more effort for a program to promote tempe consumption in Makassar.  Makassar tempe stakeholders recognized the need to have programs promoting tempe.  The university agreed to be the focal point for ITF activities in Makassar and South Sulawesi Province.  Slamet Widodo, a senior lecturer at the State University of Makassar was appointed as ITF coordinator in South Sulawesi Province.  Dean Syam’s interest to build another Rumah Tempe Indonesia in Makassar was equally encouraging.