soybean field

USSEC Promotes Soy-Based Fish Feeds in Dominican Republic

USSEC recently provided technical assistance to aquaculture producers in the Dominican Republic while promoting the use of soy-based feed formulations. USSEC contractors Jairo Amezquita and Pedro Pablo Lora met with five aqua producers to discuss opportunities for new projects utilizing U.S. soy for aqua feed. The contractors also followed-up on projects testing soy-based feeds for tilapia, pompano, pacu, fresh-water shrimp and pangasius at the Agricultural High Studies Institute and the Improvement and Research Center for Animal Production.
While in the Dominican Republic, Amezquita and Lora met with representatives from the Dominican Association of Aqua Producers and the Dominican Institute of Agriculture Research.  Currently the Dominican Republic produces 400 metric tons (MT) of aquaculture products with a goal of increasing production to 700 MT in 2013. As aquaculture production increases in the region, USSEC will continue to promote U.S. soy and work to grow market share of U.S. soy.

USSEC consultants visit aqua feed trials in the Dominican Republic.