soybean field

USSEC Promotes the Health Benefits of Soybean Products in Mexico

USSEC recently promoted the health benefits of soybean products in Mexico.  Consultant Jorge Martinez visited nutritionists from both government and private hospitals in the city of Queretaro to communicate the health benefits of soybean oil and soy protein.  He also encouraged them to advocate the consumption of these products to their patients.  As a result of these visits, the nutritionists became more attentive to the benefits of soybean oil and soy protein and were interested in recipes and guidelines to recommend to their patients so they could prepare soy foods at home.  The Institute for Social Security and Services for State Workers’ (ISSSTE) hospital in Queretaro has asked USSEC to coordinate a training event focusing on the health benefits of soybean oil and soybean protein for nutritionists and doctors employed by the General Hospital of the state of Queretaro.

Mr. Martinez also visited the National Chamber of Restaurants in Queretaro to promote the use of soybean oil in the restaurant segment.  The chamber showed great interest in cooperating with USSEC to circulate information about the use of soybean oil in frying foods in restaurants in Queretaro.  The state of Queretaro is one of Mexico’s top tourist destinations with a solid restaurant industry, making it a significant potential market for soybean oil.