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USSEC Promotes Amino Acid Content of U.S. SBM to Korean Feed Industry

USSEC has been tracking amino acid content in imported soybean meal analyzed by Korea Feed Association (KFA).  To date in 2013, KFA has analyzed amino acids in three cargoes of U.S. soybean meal, ten cargoes of Brazilian soybean meal, six cargoes of Chinese soybean meal, one cargo of Indian soybean meal and one cargo of Vietnamese soybean meal.  The average content of crude protein, total amino acid, essential amino acid, Lys, Met and Thr in U.S. soybean meal vs. Brazilian soybean meal were 46.42% vs. 45.25%, 44.86% vs. 43.70%, 20.23% vs. 19.79%, 2.90% vs. 2.84%, 0.64% vs. 0.60% and 1.85% vs. 1.82%, respectively.  U.S. soybean meal was less variable than Brazilian soybean meal with standard deviations of 0.13% vs. 0.57%, 0.20% vs. 0.68%, 0.11% vs. 0.39%, 0.02% vs. 0.04%, 0.02% vs. 0.02% and 0.03% vs. 0.04%, respectively.

USSEC Animal Utilization Technical Director Hyung Suk Lee visited local feed mills to meet with staff and share the amino acid data differentiating U.S. soybean meal from Brazilian soybean meal.  Feed mills visited included TS Corporation; Hyundai Feed; Easy Bio; Sunjin; Harim; Nanong; and Cherry Bro.