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USSEC Prepares to Host Flounder Feeding Practices Seminar in Korea

USSEC Korea will host a seminar on September 26 focused on improving the high frequency of digestive disorders and diseases in flounder, the most cultured fish species in Korea.  USSEC invited representatives from sixteen feed mills, six feed ingredient suppliers and two fishery cooperatives active in the Korean aquaculture sector to attend this conference.  The following five topics will be covered:  “Prospect of Supply and Demand of Soybean and Fish Meals,” presented by Chi Young Kim of Korea Feed Association (KFA); “Survey on the Quality Trend of Soybean and Fish Meals,” by Hong Sik Moon of KFA; “Evaluating Soybean Meal and Soy Protein Concentrate as Ingredients for Aqua Feed,” given by USSEC Aquaculture Utilization Technical Director – Korea In Soo Shin; “Examples of Overfeeding Practiced by Flounder Growers,” by Sat Byol Heo of Chungyang Fisheries; and “Suggestions to Improve Overfeeding in Flounder,” presented by Sung Chul Bae of Pukyong National University.

USSEC expects this seminar to be an opportunity for the local aquaculture industry to pay closer attention to the feeding practices of flounder growers with increased knowledge of the feeding values of soybean meal and soy protein concentrate.