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USSEC Participates in European Feed Association Assemblies

USSEC recently participated in the annual assemblies of the European Feed Association.  Most European Feed Association members celebrate their annual assemblies in the spring.  Meetings take place in April for the countries of Belgium and Portugal, France meets in May, and Italy and Spain will hold their assemblies in June.
USSEC is an active participant in all of the assemblies.  Through its sponsorship of some of the conferences and by attending meetings, USSEC is able to spread the word about its activities in the EU.  USSEC’s main mission at these annual assemblies is to demonstrate to EU soybean and soybean meal consumers how U.S. farmers supply the world with soybeans produced sustainably and efficiently.
The European feed industry is concerned about the supply of raw materials to help feed a rapidly growing world population and a middle class that is expanding each year.  To help meet this objective, grains and protein meal production must increase between 2.5 to 4 percent every year.
France's animal feed manufacturers' association, SNIA, celebrated its annual assembly on May 23.  The conference included presentations related to the feed and meat industries in France and their proposed strategies to increase their participation in the export business to help improve the country’s competitiveness.  The French poultry industry has a long tradition as a supplier to the Middle East / North Africa market and would like to further increase their activity there, along with improving its participation in the Chinese market.  USSEC’s presence at this assembly helped further the French market’s knowledge of the U.S. soy industry.