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USSEC Participates in Dairy Congress, Provides Technical Service to Dairy Producers in Peru

USSEC consultant Carlos Campabadal travelled to Peru to participate in the Peruvian Dairy Congress at La Molina University and to provide technical service to Peruvian dairy producers. During his trip   Mr. Campabadal visited one dairy farm where he reviewed their dairy rations and gave technical service in areas of dairy requirements, forage quality, use of feed additives and many other important dairy topics. He reviewed the body condition of the cattle and gave several recommendations to improve it. Besides, he participated in the Peruvian Dairy Congress at La Molina University, where he presented a conference entitled: “Protein Nutrition in High Producing Dairy Cattle”. In this conference he explained the use of metabolized protein and amino acid formulation, the important use of bypass protein sources like roasted FFSBM and the special types of high bypass SBM sources. During the conference he answered many questions related to rumen degradable protein, rumen non degradable protein, microbial protein synthesis, metabolizable protein, how they use all of these protein fractions to formulate a dairy rations. Another area discussed was the importance of formulating dairy rations for lysine and methionine. He also received many questions related to these special types of bypass soybean meal sources and the differences between extruded and roaster FFSBM for dairy cattle rations.    The Congress was attended by more than 200 dairy nutritionists, technicians, university professors and students.