USSEC Organizes One-on-One Extrusion Training in Tunisia

USSEC organized one-on-one extrusion training at MEDIMIX and NUTRIMIX/GLO, the two largest feed companies in Tunisia, on July 26. These two companies are branches of the major integrated poultry groups in Tunisia PGH and Chahia/Alfa Group. They both began using full fat soybean meal (FFSBM) about five years ago. USSEC consultant Dr. Mian Riaz, Director - Food Protein R & D Center at Texas A & M University, visited their respective extrusion units and Dr. Riadh Karma, USSEC consultant - Tunisia attended the event.
Dr. Riaz provided training to the nutritionist, engineers and technicians of both companies; he gave several advanced presentations on soybeans and on soy extrusion methods. Besides technical aspects, the discussion emphasized the high value of U.S. soybeans and their sustained quality. A field visit allowed Dr Riaz to give the staff advice on process effectiveness and maintenance.
The first visit was on July 26 in Sfax in southern Tunisia.

Meeting with MEDIMIX staff
View of one of the MEDIMIX extruders
Visit of the MEDIMIX extruders
Drs. Riaz and Karma in a group photo with MEDIMIX staff

The second day’s visit was to Jebel Oust and Green Label Oil’s new extrusion facility in the east of the country.

View of NUTRIMIX and GLO, the extrusion unit
Group photo with Mian Riaz
Meeting with SNA staff
Visit of the extrusion plant

These two working days, one at each company, increased the awareness of the best quality of U.S. Soy, improved the understanding of the value of U.S soybean meals compared to other origins, and educated the main local companies on how they could improve their extrusion process.