USSEC Makes Organizational Changes

Per USSEC Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Jim Sutter, the following organizational changes will be soon be taking place within USSEC. These shifts are designed to help USSEC advance the strategic shift for U.S. Soy’s International Marketing Strategy, which was accepted by the United Soybean Board’s (USB) Board of Directors in February 2018.
Three newly defined positions have been created, which will replace three existing positions.
A few reporting lines will be effected by these changes. Reporting lines will currently remain as is, and will shift to the new positions as the transition progresses.
The new positions include:
Senior Director, Basic Market Assessment /Non-Traditional Funding and Acting Regional Director (RD) – Asia Subcontinent (ASC)
This position primarily focus on basic market planning, including the preparation of readiness assessments, developing partnerships and exploring alternative funding opportunities, as outlined and called for in the Context International Market Strategy Recommendation, approved by USB’s board on Feb 22, 2018. This position will fill the Acting RD – ASC role as the ASC region is made up exclusively of basic markets. Over time, it will become clearer what USSEC needs in a permanent RD. This position is also the FAS strategic liaison.
Ed Beaman will fill this role.
Senior Director, Market Access
This position will lead the enhanced market access efforts called out in the Context International Market Strategy Recommendation, which was approved by USB’s board on February 22, 2018. The change in title from Director to Senior Director signifies the additional scope of market access work.
Roz Leeck will fill this role.
Senior Director, U.S. Soy Marketing Programs
This position will take on the supervision responsibilities for our focus area directors (animal, aquaculture, human / oil), previously overseen by the COO and will have accountability for growing USSEC’s relationships with stakeholders in each of these focus areas. The events planner role reporting line will transition to this new position. If the role of staff lead for the target area continues in the future, this position will have that responsibility and other duties, which will be outlined in the job description/posting.
USSEC will post for this role in the near future. The ideal candidate will possess marketing and/or U.S. export/crush industry experience.
With the creation of these three positions, the following positions have been eliminated.

  • Regional Director – ASC
  • Director, Market Access
  • COO