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USSEC Monitors Impact of Red Tide on Korean Marine Aquaculture Industry

USSEC is monitoring the impact of the recent “Red Tide,” a harmful algal bloom, on the Korean marine aquaculture industry.  Twenty million cultured marine fishes were reported to be killed by the red tide over the period from July 15th through the present time, a figure close to 10% of total cultured fishes, the greatest damage ever reported by a red tide.

USSEC is responsive to this urgent issue facing target flounder growers.  These target growers have an improved knowledge of the benefits of soy-based extruded feeds in the pursuit of sustainable and environment-friendly aquaculture.  USSEC discussed with academic and industry professionals which available techniques could reduce or remove the red tide.  USSEC’s strategy is to respond to the constraint in a timely manner so as not to restrict opportunities of U.S. soybeans in the aquaculture sector.