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USSEC Provides Market and Technical Services to Key Customers in Southwestern China

USSEC organized a China Livestock & Feed Market and Technology Forum for key customers in Chengdu, capital of Southwestern China’s Sichuan Province, where swine and feed industries are playing important roles in China. The event attracted approximately forty participants from twenty feed mills, integrated livestock farms and soybean crushing plants in the region. Leading industry groups such as New Hope Liuhe, Tongwei, Agri & Husbandry, and Red Dragonfly sent their technical and marketing executives to the event.
This is the first joint market and technology forum for industries in the region focused on the development of local livestock industry. China’s 12th Five-Year Plan outlines this industry to be moved in the direction of scaled and standard. While the region has no soybean or corn production, local feed output is expected to reach 10 million metric tons in 2012.  Therefore, securing supplies of feed ingredients to provide meat products to the most populated area in China has always been critical to business operations for enterprises in Southwestern China.
Morgan Hass, director of the Chengdu Agricultural Trade Office, attended the whole day event and, in his opening speech, he extended his warm welcome to all participants and offered support and assistance in promoting U.S. soy products in the region. Invited speakers were from the National Information Center, JC Intelligence, Rabobank and South Dakota University.USSEC China country director Xiaoping Zhang and Animal utilization technical director Richard Han jointly hosted the event and other staff for animal utilization and aquaculture utilization programs came to the event to network with key customers.

The participants are interacting with Hanver Li (holding a microphone), one of the keynote speakers, for industry data and information available in China to have a better view of the industry development.