soybean field

USSEC Korea Promoted U.S. Soybean Meal to Feed Mills

USSEC met with three local feed mills to promote the superiority of U.S. soybean meal amino acid content.  The feed mills visited were Daehan Feed, Doosan Feed and Livestock and Heungsung Feed.  All three feed mills have been customers of U.S. soy since 2006.
USSEC staff talked to the purchasing staff of the feed mills about how amino acid content is a more important value-determining factor than crude protein.  They also discussed how U.S. soybean meal generally has a higher amino acid content than South American soybean meal.  This message was supported by USSEC’s U.S. soybean quality whitepaper, the Korea Feed Association (KFA)’s amino acid analysis results on imported soybean meals, and Scothorst Feed Research’s monthly report on soybean meal quality.
USSEC will continue to work with local feed mills to discuss the importance of linking amino acid content to the price of soybean meal in their decision making process for soybean meal purchase.