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USSEC Japan Supports Skyrocketing Demands for Soymilk

Most of Japanese soymilk is made with high value imported identity preserved food beans from U.S. and Canada.

USSEC is supporting the recent skyrocketing soymilk demands in Japan, which reached a record high in 2012. Unlike other soy food categories, soymilk in Japan is an emerging product; the market increased in size five times between 2000 and 2012. Recent data shows that overall 2012 soymilk consumption was up 16% compared with the previous year, while soy-based beverages containing fruit juices were up 70% between September and December.

The Japan Soymilk Association explains that the consistent growth is because consumers now have more depth of awareness about the benefits of soymilk, such as health & beauty effects, especially among female consumers and former non-soymilk users.
Although the soymilk share of the total Japanese soy foods market is still small, USSEC Japan estimates that the size of the market has grown to USD $ 870 million and, by 2017, it is expected to double. Currently soymilk manufacturers use imported identity preserved food beans mostly from North America.  Therefore, USSEC Japan devotes attention to the development of the market by reframing the soymilk industry.  Along with working with key consumer groups, and in close cooperation with industry, USSEC Japan supports initiatives such as recipe developments for food service industry, cooking seminars, tie-up with fashion/gourmet magazines and television, and accompanying trade teams to the U.S.
USSEC Japan is looking forward to continuing promotion of soymilk and it’s growth in their effort to maximize the use in Japan of U.S Soy.