soybean field

USSEC Introduces Soybean Protein Concentrate to Southeast Asia

USSEC sat down with Jim Moline, President of Midwest Ag Enterprises and other representatives from the Midwest Ag team at the recent VIV trade show in Bangkok, Thailand, to discuss the upcoming release of their soybean protein concentrate (SPC) product, Nutrivance.

Nutrivance is a new SPC product produced in the United States from U.S. soy that is anticipated to open a new market for value added U.S. soy products in SEA aquaculture.  Marine fish and shrimp millers in that region are currently searching for a high protein ingredient with a good amino acid profile to replace ingredients such as fishmeal.  SPC could be a particularly useful and economical solution.
USSEC has long been working to demonstrate the utility of SPC to the industry by distributing the manual “SPC Use in Aquaculture” and also sharing many research products.  The lack of feed grade (as opposed to food grade) SPC in the market is what is thought to hold back greater acceptance of SPC in this region.  It is hoped that USSEC will be able to increase the use of SPC in SEA aquaculture as Midwest Ag begins rolling out their SPC product in Asia.