soybean field

USSEC Introduces FY14 Animal Utilization Activities to Korean Feed and Livestock Industry

USSEC rolled out its animal utilization (AU) activities planned in 2014 for the Korean feed and livestock industry, asking for the industry’s active response.  During the reporting period, USSEC staff visited ten feed mills including three broiler integrators to introduce USSEC’s AU activities.

One such activity is the U.S. soybean meal technical workshop, funded by the Indiana Soybean Alliance (ISA), from April 18-19.  The workshop targets the research and development and quality control staffs of Korea Feed Association (KFA) member feed mills.  The workshop will discuss four topics including planting intentions of U.S. growers of soybeans and corn; the global supply and demand situation of feed ingredients; the results of amino acid analysis conducted by KFA on imported soybean meal; and linking amino acid content to the value of soybean meal.  Soybean growers from the U.S will travel to Korea to participate in the workshop and business meetings with Korean feed, food and crushing industry representatives.