USSEC and Indonesian Aquaculture Society (MAI) Co-host Conference on Inclusion of Enzyme-treated Soy for Aquaculture Diets to Indonesian Aquaculture Stakeholders

USSEC and the Indonesian Aquaculture Society (MAI) recently co-hosted a conference on aquaculture nutrition.
Professor Allen Davis from Auburn University presented updated research results of the inclusion of enzyme-treated soy in feed formulation for farmed marine fish. The presentation received special attention from feedmills and academia looking for alternatives to fishmeal.
The conference was expected to improve knowledge of feed nutritionists and formulators as well as academia so that greater inclusions of soy products are used in research and formulation. The seminar also aimed to increase knowledge on the superior quality of U.S. Soy used in the research.

Professor Allen Davis of Auburn University presents updated research on the inclusion of enzyme-treated soy for aquafeed