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USSEC India Uses Innovative Market Communications Methods to Pre-Sell BPF 2015

USSEC  India Feed Program - event communications

In an effort to make USSEC India Blue Paper Forum (BPF) 2015 a highly successful event, USSEC India has come up with creative market communication methods to reach out to its large and diverse spread of aquaculture entrepreneurs and stakeholders across the country.  BPF 2015 is a national event that will be conducted on February 5 and 6 in Bangalore, India.
USSEC India aquaculture consultant R. Umakanth, who is overseeing event communications, created three different approaches to announce this event to the industry and the Indian government.
He first used WhatsApp Messenger, creating two groups with 160 members who began discussing aquaculture-related issues that could potentially be points of discussion at the upcoming BPF 2015.  To capture spontaneous ideas, Mr. Umakanth is recording the messages on a daily basis to be edited and used later in both electronic and print form.
Mr. Umakanth is also creating an exclusive mail account and Facebook page for the event.
There have been hourly discussions, daily opinions and messages shared on this system.  These communications bring energy to the industry and create an information sharing mechanism updating developments or ideas that could be implemented or suggesting things that the industry should not do.  The volume of communications happening prior to the event could possibly surpass the volume of content that could be discussed at BPF 2015, allowing time at the event to be more effectively used to sum up and create action points for further use.
USSEC Country Director – India Dr. P. E. Vijay Anand says that creating content, an appropriate title, a catchy logo and a short but effective announcement gives identity and value to any proposed USSEC event.  Both Dr. Anand and Mr. Umakanth feel that there has been tremendous response for BPF 2015, reaching as many as 300 aquaculture stakeholders throughout India.  They further add that the WhatsApp system has already generated key discussion points a month ahead of the event, helping to derive focused points and providing time to edit, delete and prioritize issues related to aquaculture in India.  Effective marketing communications are key links to achieving goals and objectives, while at the same time directly portraying USSEC as a world-class organization.