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USSEC Hosts Korean Dehulled Soybean Meal Team to Thailand

USSEC hosted a trade team from Korea to Bangkok, Thailand, in order to demonstrate the value in tropical climates of using dehulled soybean meal in swine and broiler production. The hot summer season in Korea is similar to the tropical climate of Thailand.  The abundant protein and amino acid content of U.S. dehulled soybean meal supports good digestibility in these climate conditions.

The delegation consisted of seven purchasing and technical staff employees of Korean feed mills that purchased U.S. hipro dehulled soybean meal in 2012.  The team visited Thai companies using or producing dehulled soybean meal, including three feed mills (Betagro Public Co., Ltd., Inteqc Feed mill and SPM Feed mill) and a crusher (Thai Vegetable Oil Public Co., Ltd.).

Because the U.S. is the only dehulled soybean meal supplier to Korea, creating a market for hipro dehulled soybean meal during summer season would help to expand the market.

Team members listen to a comparison of the nutritional value of dehulled vs. non-dehulled soybean meal from technical staff member of Betagro Publis Co., Ltd., the second largest feed mills in Thailand.