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USSEC Holds Poultry Disease Control and Nutrition Seminar for Romanian Veterinarians and Nutritionists

USSEC hosted a one-day poultry nutrition and disease control seminar on April 7 in Bucharest, Romania with the goal to emphasize the U.S. soybean meal quality, in relation to its impact on nutritional diseases, such as rapid passage syndrome. Over 40 key customers participated in this event.
Dr. Richard Miles, professor emeritus of poultry nutrition, University of Florida, and Dr. Gary Butcher, professor of poultry diseases, University of Florida, visited Romania during the first week of April to meet with Romanian professionals.
Drs. Miles and Butcher accepted the invitation to visit Romania again, a country where several years ago, the two U.S. professors made an important contribution in educating young poultry professionals. In 2007, a group of 10 Romanians had attended a short course in poultry nutrition and disease control at the University of Florida, supported by the U.S. Soy industry. Currently, over 80 percent of the team trained in the U.S. hold key positions at commercial poultry farms in Romania and implementing the knowledge gained. The former short course speakers and participants had the chance to meet again in Romania, thanks to USSEC.

Old and new industry friends had the chance to meet at the USSEC event organized at the Intercontinental Hotel in Bucharest

The conference began with a warm welcome for the professors and customers. Dr. Miles’s presentations focused on the importance of early nutrition of modern broilers and on the bird’s gastrointestinal tract development, in relation to U.S. soybean meal quality. The Rapid Passage Syndrome paper was also greatly appreciated, and the audience had many opportunities to interact with Dr. Miles about similar situations occurring in their broiler flocks.
Dr. Butcher’s paper on the use of antibiotics in poultry production and regulations in the EU and the U.S. was the hit of the seminar, inviting the participants to reevaluate current world trends regarding the elimination of antibiotics and the outcomes in the EU.
The participants agreed that the event provided an excellent opportunity to update and gain new knowledge about poultry nutritional related diseases and expressed their preference for U.S. soybean meal versus meals of other origins.

Dr. Richard Miles emphasizes the importance of heating time in soybean meal processing
Field data by laboratory experiments presented by Dr. Miles
Over 40 professionals listened with topics of high interest for the world poultry industry presented by Dr. Gary Butcher
The program included detailed presentations on Rapid Passage Syndrome for broilers and interactive discussions on soybean meal quality