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USSEC Holds Feed Additives Training in Spain

During the last week of March, USSEC held a feed additives training course in Madrid, Spain for Central and Eastern European, Russian, and Turkish customers. The classes were designed to develop skills and upgrade knowledge of young industry professionals from six different countries, all growing in the feed and livestock sectors and in the consumption of soybean meal.

Professor Gonzalo Mateos, course director, together with the Russian, Polish, Hungarian, Romanian, Bulgarian, and Turkish industry representatives who attended the three-day feed additives training classes at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain

The three-day program, coordinated by USSEC consultant Dr. Gonzalo Mateos of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, focused on feed additives as related to the efficient production of improved animal products, animal health, and a better environment. Participants learned the latest in research findings for energy and protein ingredients, the proper use of feed additives, and how to stay at the forefront of new nutritional developments for the feed and livestock industries.
The evaluation of crystalline amino acids in animal feeding was another important topic for the participants, learning about their nutritive value, quality control methods, and future perspectives regarding commercial availability of amino acids for the feed industry. Dr. Mateos discussed the advantages of feeding animals with vegetable protein sources, which are cheaper and safer than animal protein diets and how to use feed additives to get better animal performances.
Besides learning about the latest advances in feed additives, participants had the opportunity to understand the Spanish experience in the field of feed safety under EU laws and regulations.

Dr. Gerardo Santomá, technical director of Trouw Nutrition, Spain talked about the practical use of additives in non-ruminants
Dr. Gonzalo Mateos, Dr. Carlos Dapoza of Evonik Spain, Dr. Pedro Medel of IMASDE Agroalimentaria and Dr. Gerardo Santoma of Nutreco Spain gave presentations to southeastern European and Turkish delegates

The training classes continued with a one-day visit to the largest animal trade show, which takes place every two years in the Aragon province. On March 30, the entire USSEC training delegation visited the 13th FIGAN 2017 animal production tradeshow in Zaragoza, Spain. The fair has more than 70,000 visitors, an increase of 10 percent compared to 2015 with 40 nationalities present at the event.
Dr. Mateos and Dr. Juan Acedo escorted the USSEC delegation, which had the chance to learn the latest about various feed manufacturing, additives, and animal farming technologies. The course director and USSEC consultants escorting the group facilitated individual contacts and discussions between members of the USSEC delegation and feed additives and feed manufacturing technology suppliers.
The training achieved its goals to educate customers in recent advances in feed additives. All the participants had a clear understanding about how more can be squeezed out from soybean meal and grains by the proper use of feed additives for improving the nutritive utilization by non-ruminant animals.

The FIGAN trade show provided the USSEC delegation with networking opportunities with European feed industry professionals eager to share ideas and make connections
The group organized by USSEC had the chance to meet at FIGAN 2017 with fellow feed industry professionals and peers across the European poultry and swine industries