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USSEC Holds Board Meeting, Signs Core Values Poster

board meeting

USSEC held its board meeting on Tuesday, February 25 at the Grand Hyatt San Antonio.  CEO Jim Sutter opened the meeting and members heard reports from committees and departments.  Old and new business was discussed during this meeting, covering such topics as governance, budget, membership, industry relations, QSSBs, management processes, UES15, USSEC programs, sustainability and funding.
The board also signed a poster for the Core Values Initiative 2014.  The organization’s mission statement and core values were developed for USSEC staff worldwide in order to shape USSEC’s culture and define the organization’s character, behavior and decision-making.
USSEC’S MISSION is to maximize the use of U.S. soy internationally by meeting the needs of our stakeholders and global customers.  We are able to support and achieve this mission by adhering to a set of guiding principles and beliefs.  Our overarching commitment is to always act honorably, responsibly and with integrity.
The USSEC team is governed by core values.  These values shape our culture and define the very character of our organization.  They guide how we behave and make decisions.

  • We aim to deliver world class services to our clients, the customers of U.S. soy and our teammates.  We act honorably as advocates for U.S. soybean growers.  We perform with diligence and perseverance, challenging ourselves to exceed expectations.


  • We act with integrity in an open and honest manner in all of our relationships. We are good stewards of our resources and recognize that the disciplined management of assets is paramount to our operation.  We are ethical, transparent and fiscally responsible.


  • We operate in over 70 countries. We help our teammates, and the communities in which we live and work, reach their full potential. We respect every individual and believe that our diverse backgrounds and experiences make us stronger.


  • We believe that the best outcomes are achieved with teamwork. When we work together with trust, shared ownership and accountability, we all succeed.