USSEC Highlights Sustainability in France

USSEC organized a sustainability seminar in Nantes, France, with the collaboration of the French Feed Association, SNIA, and Coop the France, French Cooperatives Association. About 25 decision makers from the feed and meet industry, as well as soy importers, attended the seminar.
The meeting highlighted sustainability during the entire agenda, ranging from a general presentation about this subject, which provided an update of the sustainability situation in Europe, presented for Alex Doring, FEFAC Secretary General. The French industry presented DURALIM, their sustainability platform, developed during the last two year for all of the industry, leading for Coop de France and SNIA. The journey continued with a presentation about Circular Economy, as a new way to understand the economy in a more sustainable way. In this meeting, USSEC’s U.S. Soy Sustainability Assurance Protocol (SSAP) presentation took a place of relevance as a leading solution for the feed and meat industry seeking to source sustainable soy. SSAP certification is available for the feed and meat industry, which is increasingly required to use sustainable raw materials in their production.