soybean field

USSEC Continues Advocating the Benefits of Soy Protein Based Foods to Korean Flounder Growers; Organizes Roundtable in Jeju, Korea

USSEC continues to offer educational programs advocating the benefits of soy protein based foods to Korean flounder growers. 

According to Korea Aquaculture Utilization contractor In Soo Shin, USSEC’s objective is to increase demand of soybean meal (SBM) and soy protein concentrate (SPC) from the Korean aquaculture sector.  Target audiences who learned about the attributes of SBM and SPC as a fish meal alternative through on-site visits or meetings have begun using extruded feeds containing SBM at 4-9% level by weight to replace 7-15% of fish meal.  USSEC intends to increase the inclusions of SBM or SPC up to 18% (30% of fish meal).

USSEC will complement these efforts by organizing a roundtable to increase acceptance of the extruded feeds containing SBM or SPC ratios as recommended by USSEC.  Korean flounder growers and aqua feed mill representatives will be invited to this roundtable, which will take place in Jeju, the largest flounder production center in Korea, on May 29.