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USSEC Conducts Seminar on Tilapia Cage Culture Technology in Philippines

USSEC recently conducted two seminars on Tilapia Cage Culture and Satiation Feeding Technology to discuss the use of extruded floating feeds in cages.

Levy Manalac, USSEC Philippines Technical Manager for Aquaculture, highlighted the five critical components of a successful aquaculture:  market, water, fry, feeds and management (business and production).  He also emphasized the advantages of using extruded floating feeds compared to sinking feeds and the use of feed enclosures to prevent feeds from escaping the cages.  He reiterated the importance of cage sizes, orientation and positioning of the cages, and the utilization of high quality feed using quality ingredients such as U.S. soybean meal.
Close to 100 fish farmers, technicians and feed managers attended both seminars and, as a result, USSEC anticipates improved production, efficiency and profitability in aquaculture.