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USSEC Conducts Aquaculture Feeding Demonstrations in Mexico

Images of the aquaculture feeding demonstrations conducted in Mexico
Images of the aquaculture feeding demonstrations conducted in Mexico

USSEC recently followed up on feeding demonstration agreements with two cooperators in Mexico, the Autonomous University of Baja California (UABC) in Ensenada and the Feed and Development Research Center (CIAD) in Mazatlan.  These feed demonstrations involve the evaluation of the inclusion of soy protein concentrate (SPC) from a U.S. manufacturer included in a feed produced by a feed manufacturer in Guadalajara.
USSEC consultant Jairo Amezquita traveled to Mexico to conduct one-on-one meetings with UABC and CIAD to discuss feeding protocols; check which fish were used; and inspect the feeds manufactured for the demonstrations.  Mr. Amezquita met with the managers of the feeding demonstrations, visited the respective hatcheries and discussed the current protocol, chiefly covering the feeding practices and times for sampling.  He also discussed opportunities to work together in new research with other marine fish for the next fiscal year.
At CIAD, the feeding demonstration is being carried out with Lutjanus guttatus (spotted rose snapper) specie, while Totoaba macdonaldi (totoaba) specie is being used at the UABC.
In the Mexican markets, working with red snapper and common snook offers a good opportunity to include SPC into the diets of these fish.  The feeding demonstrations provide a demonstration of the benefits of using U.S. soy products in aqua feeds and an opportunity to boost consumption of U.S. soy products consumption in the Mexican aqua feed industry.