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USSEC China Holds Annual Trade Policy Workshop

Zhang Xiaoping, USSEC China Country Director, hosts the trade policy workshop

USSEC China hosted its annual trade policy workshop in Beijing on December 15. Representatives from USSEC’s valued partners, customers and supporters were invited to attend the event.

Fang Yan, a former official from China’s National Development and Research Commission, delivers a presentation to share insights on soybean-related government policies

More than 40 representatives from government agencies, industry associations, and member companies attended the trade policy workshop. Among them was Mr. Bian Zhenhu, president of China Chamber of Commerce of Native Foodstuffs and Produce; Mr. Bruce Zanin, minister counselor of Agricultural Affairs at U.S. Embassy in Beijing,; and Mr. Qie Jianwei, vice president of China National Association of Grain Sector. Most of the representatives have over the last few years not only met with U.S. soybean farmers who provide leadership to USSEC’s programs in China, but also worked closely with USSEC on many of these programs to help advance the interest of both US soybean farmers and Chinese buyers. They have offered USSEC unfailing support throughout the latter’s presence in the country, especially during times of uncertainty.

Qie Jianwei, Vice President of China National Association of Grain Sector, interacts with workshop speakers

PowerPoint presentations were delivered by three guests speakers including Ms. Fang Yan, former official from China’s National Development and Research Commission; Mr. Chen Beier, senior vice president of R. J. O’Brien’s Asia department; and Mr. Hanver Li, Chairman of Shanghai JC Intelligence. Their topics ranged from the overall situation of the Chinese economy, and the national policy of the “supply-side reform”, to the “Belt and Road Initiative”, and China’s foreign reserves. Their presentations received positive responses from the audience who interacted with the speakers on many of the issues covered. Roseanne Freese, U.S. Agricultural Consul based in northeastern China’s Shenyang, said that she felt heartened by the fact that USSEC was able to invite so many industry experts and government officials to come to the workshop and be actively involved in the discussions.

Roseanne Freese, U.S. Agricultural Consul based in Shenyang, interacts with speakers

To wrap up the workshop, Mr. Zhang Xiaoping, USSEC’s Country Director - China, said that USSEC and all its valued China partners would carry on moving forward with all of the work that they have been doing to serve the interest of China, the U.S. and the world.

It’s not a one-off. It’s a long-term mutually beneficial process. That’s what we call partnership.
- Zhang Xiaoping, USSEC Country Director - China

A New Year’s reception was hosted after the workshop, with 120 guests including the 40 workshop attendees and 80 representatives from customer companies invited in appreciation for their long-term support.

Whatever uncertainties we face now or in the future, the U.S. soybean farmers and the U.S. soybean industry will remain committed to our valued partners here in China.
-Paul Burke, USSEC Regional Director - North Asia

After the event, some guests congratulated USSEC on successfully hosting this annual activity, calling it “a great event.”

Paul Burke, USSEC Regional Director - North Asia, talks with Brian Cao, 2016 Chairman of CropLife China.
Mr. Burke gives a toast in appreciation for Chinese partners’ support in 2016
New Year Reception Dinner
Guests playing a game of soybeans during dinner