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USSEC Attends 2015 U.S.-China Poultry Industry Forum, AMCHAM Appreciation Seminar & Dinner in Beijing

USB director and Freedom to Operate (FTO) Action Team chair Bill Beam, American Soybean Association (ASA) treasurer Davie Stephens, and USSEC Marketing Director – Animal Nutrition/Meal Pam Helmsing traveled to China to participate in an FTO trade mission and attended the 2015 U.S.-China Poultry Industry Forum and American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM) Annual Seminar and Appreciation Dinner in Beijing from November 30 through December 5. The purpose of the mission was to engage Chinese policy influencers.
The team attended the U.S.-China Poultry Industry Forum, which was co-organized by USSEC. This year’s theme was Consumption & Promotion and Trade & Cooperation and the event provided in-depth discussion on the poultry production model, consumption promotion, latest advancements and other industry innovations to facilitate industry exchange and win-win cooperation between the two countries. USSEC Country Director – China Zhang Xiaoping and Mr. Stephens provided opening remarks and Mr. Beam gave a welcoming toast at dinner, in addition to providing closing remarks at the conference.
In his opening speech, Mr. Stephens described the U.S. Soy industry as a longtime partner to Chinese industries and talked about its commitment to China’s sustainable food security and food safety. Mr. Beam noted the importance of biotech approvals in a timely and transparent manner.
The USSEC team also visited customers, Sanhe Hopeful Grain & Oil Group and the Yangxiang Group before returning home.

Mr. Stephens
Mr. Stephens
Mr. Beam
Mr. Beam
China 3 Hope Full Beam Stephens SBO
Mr. Beam and Mr. Stephens check out soybean oil during a customer visit to the Sanhe Hopeful Grain & Oil Group
China 4 Great Wall Beam Stephens
The grower leaders get a chance to visit the Great Wall of China