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USSEC Announces Board of Directors Election Results and New Appointments

Last week, USSEC CEO Jim Sutter announced newly elected and appointed members to USSEC’s Board of Directors.
USSEC’s board is comprised of directors assembled from two classes of USSEC membership—the founders and domestic industry classes. The organization’s third class, the international industry class, does not occupy seats on USSEC’s board. USSEC’s founding members, the United Soybean Board (USB) and the American Soybean Association (ASA), appoint the founders’ class of board members. USSEC’s exporter and allied industry members elect the domestic industry class of board members.
This year, both ASA and USB had the opportunity to appoint two directors for two year terms, which the organizations do each year to fill the four positions that USB and ASA each hold. This year’s appointments resulted in three new appointments and one reappointment – they are as follows:
Newly Appointed

  • Todd Gibson, USB Board Member—Norborne, MO
  • Monte Peterson, ASA Board Member—Valley City, ND
  • Doug Winter, USB Board Member—Mill Shoals, IL


  • John Heisdorffer, ASA Board Member—Keota, IA, for 2nd 2-year board term

In mid-July, annual elections for USSEC’s Domestic Class concluded with one newly elected Director and three reelected Directors, as follows:
Newly Elected (Exporter):

  • Chris Arnold, The Scoular Company—Omaha NE

Reelected (Allied):

  • Sharon Covert (current Secretary), Illinois Soybean Association—Tiskilwa, IL, for second 2-year board term

Reelected (Exporter):

  • Brandon Bickham, The DeLong Company—Clinton, WI, for third and final 2-year board term
  • Jim Traub, Clarkson Grain Co—Gordo, IL, for third and final 2-year board term

USSEC Board Members Remaining Until Next Year’s Board Election/Reappointment Cycle:

  • Derek Haigwood, USB Board Member, Term 1, ends 2017
  • Jim Miller (current Vice Chairman), ASA Board Member, Term 2, ends 2017
  • Kevin Scott, ASA Board Member, Term 2, ends 2017
  • Aaron Skyberg, SK Food International, Term 2, ends 2017
  • Jimmy Sneed, USB Board Member, Term 2, ends 2017
  • John Wright, Owensboro Grain, Company (current Treasurer), Final Term 3, ends 2017
  • Don Wyss, Indiana Soybean Association, Allied Sub-Class, Term 1, ends 2017

Board Members Departing USSEC Board this Year:

  • Laura Foell, USB Board Member (current Chairman)
  • John Cassidy, Purdue Grain & Oilseed, Exporter
  • Bob Metz, USB Board Member
  • Ron Moore, ASA Board Member

USSEC welcomes its new board members and thanks retiring board members for their service. The official transition will take place at USSEC’s annual meeting on August 29 in Indianapolis, Indiana.