soybean field

Only U.S. Soybeans Are Used By New Soybean Meal Producer in the Philippines

USSEC’s efforts to promote the use of full fat soybean meal (FFSBM) have resulted in the launching by Sunmade Inc. of its newly installed FFSBM extrusion facility in the Philippines. Sunmade is a medium size trader of feed ingredients who imports soybean meal and other U.S. commodities. The initial production of FFSBM began with the processing of over 110,000 bushels (or 3,000 metric tons) of U.S. soybeans. Sunmade registered its product under the brand Linoplus® to give emphasis on its high linoleic acid content, which is necessary in poultry layers and breeders. FFSBM contains at least 50 percent linoleic acid in its oil.
The newly installed extrusion facility has a capacity of 3 metric tons/hour which now runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Ms Aurelyn Chan, Sunmade’s owner and General Manager, has pledged to use only U.S. soybeans in the company’s production, which will require around 18,000 bushels (450-500 metric tons) per month.
Properly processed FFSBM is a valuable feed ingredient because of its energy, protein, linoleic acid, vitamin E, and lecithin content.   Full fat soybean meal is becoming increasingly popular in the Philippines and other countries in Southeast Asia where energy ingredients are very costly. Studies done by USSEC have shown that when fed to chickens, FFSBM will improve both egg quality and feed conversion.  FFSBM fed to young and growing­ finishing pigs will result in improvement of average daily gain and feed conversion.
The Philippines imports more than 70% of its soybean requirements from the U.S.A.

Ms Aurleyn Chan, General Manager and owner of Sunmade.