U.S. Soy End Users in Romania Appreciate Technical Assistance

Technical knowledge makes the difference in achieving best performances in feed and livestock production. The way customers are using information and technology affects just about everything the modern feed industry does, including quality, efficiency, and sustainability.
Technical knowledge is crucial for the development of U.S. soy sales in the EU, mainly to East European feed and livestock industries to be interactive with end users, as well as efficient in delivering technical support in better use of U.S. Soy in animal feeding. This allows companies to achieve a high level of achievements and efficiency and, as a result, build customer loyalty among U.S. soy customers.

USSEC consultant Juan Acedo Rico checking feed mash conditioning during feed mill visit in south Romania

In an effort to build better U.S. soy customer loyalty among Romanian feed manufactures, USSEC offered access to highly qualified feed technology expert, Dr. Juan Acedo Rico. During the second week of March, Dr. Iani Chihiaia, USSEC consultant - East Europe and Greece, organized field visits and escorted Dr. Rico to address important issues for the feed industry including soybean meal segregation management at the feed mill, particle size uniformity, diminishing shrinkage, and feed mill management.
Customers visited appreciated the support offered by USSEC and felt that the help provided will allow their business to utilize U.S. Soy and other feedstuffs resources rather than waste them. As such, customers are able to get the results they expect and need from the business that they depend on every single day.
“Customer support can have a very important role in building loyalty towards end users from anywhere in the world if it is used properly by these people. During visits, we had shared practical ideas to improve production and efficiency in feed production, but also, to learn about customer’s current challenges and future developments of the feed industry standards,” concluded Dr. Rico.

Discussing raw materials segregation and final feed products by using NIR technology
Dr. Rico discusses practical ideas to improve production and efficiency in feed production with plant managers
Practical aspects from receiving ingredients to feed manufacturing to delivery were emphasized