soybean field

U.S. Soy Launches New Website highlights the people and the stories behind the production of U.S. soy and showcases the actual product, soybeans themselves.
According to USSEC Communications Manager Lisa Pine, foreign buyers have long shown interest in not only learning about how U.S. farmers produce their beans and how crops reach buyers, but also in hearing about the farmers themselves.  “We’re really excited about this site, which is quite a bit different from the existing USSEC site.  The USSEC site allows us to reach our members and stakeholders to inform them about our various programs and how we can help them, but helps our buyers learn more about our farmers and about the story of U.S. soy,” she says.  “In addition to telling our growers’ stories, including Ground Work weekly reports from the field, buyers can check out facts and infographics about soy and also access a resource directory.  It’s a really interactive site and will be incredibly useful for our buyers.”
Goals of the website include:

  • Further the goal of making U.S. Soy the preferred international brand by creating a halo of total quality, value and experience
  • Give U.S. Soy purchasers confidence in their decisions and encourage loyalty by sharing deeply held producer values, practices and beliefs
  • Create a business trade connection by providing customers with the ability to explore potential markets
  • Promote education, news, events and market information

The site’s creative concept and general editorial framework is entitled "The Long View." Essentially, USSEC wants to share why and how our U.S. Soy growers and producers are dedicated to providing the best quality soy in the world. Through stories, interviews, data, graphics and even live images the website will promote the true value of U.S. Soy and share our commitment to being in this for the long haul. Transparency, details, and human connections will be key to these efforts and the site will provide firsthand producer accounts on topics such as how they take on the responsibility of sustainability and what U.S. farmers are doing today to ensure their soy-growing legacy.
Naturally, U.S. farmers and producers are central to this concept. Literally and metaphorically, we are seeing their view … from the field, from the tractor, from their communities … as well as the view back in our direction from international buyers.
The long view draws a striking contrast against the current world producer situation in which our competitors are taking the “short view” — clearing rain forests, compromising product quality and providing unreliable delivery. Taking the long view – as U.S. soy producers do – is the most sustainable “long term” position. We’re creating a ripple effect felt the world over.
We hope you’ll take the time to check out the new website.  Just click on to take a look around.