U.S. Soy Farmer Attends U.S. Soy Outlook Conference in Taiwan

United Soybean Board (USB) director Nancy Kavazanjian traveled to Taipei, Taiwan to participate in the 2018/19 U.S. Soybean Outlook & Global Oilseeds Supply/Demand Conference. USSEC Taiwan cooperated with the Taiwan Vegetable Oil Manufacturers’ Association (TVOA) to host the 2018/19 U.S. Soy Outlook Conference at the Howard Plaza Taipei on November 13.
More than 90 attendees came from TVOA and the crushing, feed and soyfood industries, as well as agents of U.S. commodity soybean exporters, including Meherrin, CGB, CHS, and Cargill, and U.S. non-GMO soybean exporters such as Neco Seeds.
Ms. Kavazanjian introduced her farm, planting plans for the 2019 crop, and high oleic soybean oil. Dr. Seth Naeve, from the University of Minnesota, gave a speech and gave the results of the 2018 crop quality survey. Attendees were particularly interested in survey results from the western Corn Belt because they have purchased approximately ten Panamax bulk shipments via the Pacific Northwest (PNW) over 15 years. David Hightower, president of Hartfield Trading Partners Ltd., spoke about the global vegetable oil market and soybean futures trends. USSEC Stakeholder Relations Manager Will McNair also gave a presentation and introduced USSEC members to attendees.
The Convener of Board Supervisors at TVOA, Tony Shu, addressed opening remarks to the attendees. Mark Petry, U.S. attaché, also provided opening remarks in fluent Chinese, thanking the attendees for their long-time support and business. Ms. Kavazajian, representing U.S. soybean growers, thanked the Taiwan soy industry for importing two million metric tons (MT) from the U.S. in 2018 and for their support in applying sustainability certificates and logos.

Group photo
Group photo
David Hightower, President of the Hartfield Trading Partners Ltd., gave a speech on “Global Soy, Oil and Meal Supply and Demand”.
Julian Lin, Taiwan Market Director, hosted the Q&A session.
Mark Petry, Chief of Agricultural Section/AIT, thanked the Taiwan crushing Industry for their support and for sending a delegation to the U.S.A. in October 2018
Mathew McWilliams, Container Merchant of CGB, introduced himself and his company.
Ms. Nancy Kavazanjian, USB Director, thanked Taiwan soybean buyers for their great support of U.S. Soy.
Ms. Kavazanjian presented her farm and introduced sustainable U.S. Soy farming to attendees.
Dr. Seth Naeve, Professor at the University of Minnesota, reported “Results of 2018 U.S. Soybean Quality /Survey” during the conference.
Todd Long, Director of Grain/ Meherrin, introduced himself and his company.
Tony Shu, Convener of Board Supervisors of TVOA, gave opening remarks to attendees.
Ms. Kavazanjian sent a retirement gift to Daniel Yang (Consultant of TVOA) and thanked him for his support of USSEC.