U.S. Soy Customers from Romania Learn More about the Importance of Amino Acids Digestibility of Protein Ingredients Used in Turkey Poultry Nutrition

Editor’s note: The event featured in this story took place prior to the USSEC travel ban due to COVID-19.
As part of the TurkeyTimes Conference organized in early March in the United Kingdom, a group of soy customers from Romania had the privilege to visit Premier Nutrition, the largest premix manufacturer and nutrition solutions provider for the British poultry and livestock industry prior to the conference.
With a hands-on approach, Premier takes the science behind nutrition, creating practical solutions for customers that drive real returns. Premier Nutrition is the largest UK premix producer for all species including aqua species. They support customers with expertise in production, management, nutrition, and feed formulation. Technical support goes from sourcing raw materials to farm management advice through product development and tech support in livestock and aqua production.

The USSEC group visiting Premier Nutrition had a fruitful discussion with Kate Robinson, the International Business Manager of the leading British premix manufacturer and nutritional solutions provider

The group was welcomed by poultry nutritionist Patrick Garland and his technical team; besides the introduction of the Premiere Nutrition company, the visit’s agenda included a dedicated roundtable discussion on turkey nutrition and feeding programs.
A good part of the discussion was dedicated to the protein ingredients matrix since Premier Nutrition recently issued the new version of the Premier Atlas, which was written by the company’s experts and provides the animal feed industry with the most up-to-date and precise ingredient values for efficient feed formulation. The atlas is a comprehensive description of feed ingredients, as well as their production, anti-nutritive factors, and processing details for 260 raw materials and in excess of 40,000 nutrients. In particular, it also details the levels of 17 digestible amino acids, for both poultry and pigs, in over 200 feed ingredients.
As soybean meal is a key ingredient of turkey diets, the group of customers learned during the meeting that quality of this protein source has to be constantly monitored, especially from the point of view of amino acid digestibility, which is of critical importance in achieving optimum performances. In this regard, U.S. Soy is well known for the positive quality attributes, and turkey nutritionists always recognize and capture the value from differentiating by origin between soybean meals available.

Patrick Garland introduces the differences in digestibility of protein ingredients between poultry species

In the UK, the turkey poultry feeding programs are currently determined by market, breed / strain, season, processing age target weights, feed conversion ratio, and housing.

Ian Mackinson of Premiere Nutrition gaves an overview of turkey diet formulation

“By the end of the meeting, the team of U.S. soy customers from Romania concluded that the field visits organized prior to the TurkeyTimes Conference offered excellent opportunities to get firsthand information on the optimal use of U.S. Soy from British nutritionists and managers,” states Dr. Iani Chihaia, the USSEC consultant who escorted the group to Chester, UK. “Our team offers a sincere thank you for the educative meeting, hospitality, and time Premier Nutrition gave to the USSEC group. Not in the least, we are grateful for the invaluable support of U.S. Soy to make possible the participation of the Romanian customers in the largest turkey event in Europe, providing access to practical aspects of turkey nutrition and feeding.

Premiere’s Nutrition managers, Robinson (second from left) and Garland (fourth from left) welcomed the group at the company’s headquarter in Brereton Business Park, The Levels, Rugeley, UK