U.S. Grower Leader Visits Exphotel Show in Mexico

South Dakota farmer Bob Metz traveled to Mexico to represent the U.S. Soy industry at the Exphotel Show in June 2017. U.S. soybean oil refineries and hotel, restaurant, and institutions (HRI) food distributors that utilized the USSEC booth at the trade show reported that the help provided by USSEC was valuable to develop customers for their products and to increase the sales in the HRI segment in Cancun and the Riviera Maya zone.
Distributors of PACSA and CMG, refineries RAGASA, PROTEINOL, and OLEOFINOS reported that the services and tools provided by USSEC helped them to commercialize their soybean oil products.
RAGASA refinery developed new customers in the HRI market segment for the soybean oil presentations and reinforced the commercial relations with food distributors and customers.
PROTEINOL refinery was able to sell soybean oil to many new developed customers in the USSEC booth. Two new customers have a soybean oil consumption of more than 8,000 liters per month, and the oil for the first month was sold during the Exphotel show.
OLEOFINOS refinery was able to develop new prospects for their soybean oil-based edible fats, used for bakery products and several food applications in restaurants.
PACSA distributor who is selling soybean oil brands in this zone is convinced of the high quality of U.S. soybean oil, along with its excellent flavor, light color, and healthy properties derived from the content of Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9 fatty acids, low saturation, and high content of vitamin E. U.S. Soybean oil is preferred in the HRI segment due to the high yield in fried foods.
Mr. Metz expressed his appreciation to these U.S. Soy customers for promoting U.S. soybean oil.

Bob Metz and USSEC consultants promoting U.S. soybean oil