Turkish Poultry and Feed Producers Come Together in USSEC’s Poultry Nutrition and Feed Formulation Seminar

40 key poultry and feed producer’s nutritionists and veterinarians connected with the U.S. soy industry at USSEC’s poultry nutrition and feed formulation on May 23 and 24 in Mivara Luxury Resort Hotel in Bodrum, Turkey.
Organizing such events helps USSEC to form a direct relationship with feed and poultry producers, understand their needs, inform the industry about the latest developments, help to develop future activities, personally interact with the participants, and deliver USSEC’s message to the industry firsthand.
During the seminar, USSEC consultant Dr. Gonzalo Mateos presented the nutritional value and advantages of U.S. soybean meal, specifically the added value of the digestible amino acid content, to the Turkish producers.
Speakers from leading industry companies also presented nutrition and formulation from different points of view. Dr. Gerard Santoma of Trouw Nutrition; Dr. Mario Mueller of Evonik; Dr. Pedro Medel of Innovabiotics, LLC; and Dr. Bilge Hilal of Cadirci from Tokat GOP university presented the importance of nutrition, feed formulation, and additives; using NIR technologies in quality control; fullfat soy; evaluation of the suppliers; and considering the origin of soybean meal and using correct nutritional values in the formulation of diets by the meal’s origin.
Country representative Sırrı Kayhan represented USSEC, ensuring that attendees received the message for soybean products. He discussed the consumption, competitiveness, and sustainability of U.S. soybean production with the producers during the seminar.
Seminar outcomes are positive. USSEC was able to explain the high nutritional value of U.S. soybean meal, importance of quality control, importance of origin and supplier evaluation in quality control and integrating this information to the formulation. These areas are key to increasing U.S. soy consumption in feed and the overall share of U.S. Soy.