Tunisian Poultry Customers Attend USSEC Poultry Integration, Added Value Chain Workshop

USSEC recently organized a Poultry Integration and Added Value Chain Workshop in Tunisia from February 23 to 27.
USSEC consultant Pierre Clément visited Tunisia, escorted by Dr. Riadh Karma, USSEC Country Representative.
After two days of field visits, USSEC, in partnership with GIPAC, the Tunisian Poultry Farmers Group, organized a workshop for the key poultry industry representatives from slaughter and meat processing plants, the largest poultry integrations, and farmers’ unions, as well as the public administration.
In preparation for this event, the USSEC team visited the SOTAVI Broiler Breeder Hatchery, a “Géant” Hypermarket, and the SAVIMO slaughter-processing plant. The visits were very instructive for M. Clément to evaluate the Tunisian poultry meat networks.

Dr. Chehid Chebbi with M. Clément at SOTAVI hatchery
Meeting at SAVIMO slaughter plant

During the workshop, speakers provided high level presentations. M. Clément gave a very practical example of the French example of integration and its relation to high added values in the poultry meat industry; Salah Toumi highlighted the success story of the CAVICAB Cooperative integration with Tunisian slaughter companies; Dr. Chehid Chakroun presented the added value concept; and Dr. Ines Taktak presented traceability in the poultry industry. Dr. Karma introduced USSEC objectives, also explaining there is a great potential for improvement in the poultry industry organization through a high level of integration. Interactive, interesting discussions followed all of the presentations.
Several parameters and reforms can lead to the sustainability of Tunisia’s poultry industry, which already has a good infrastructure; this industry can already provide high meat quality and maintain high feed consumption. This will indirectly impact a higher usage of U.S. soybeans.

M. Clément gives a presentation
View of attendees

Customers and participants were very satisfied to learn more about such an important topic with high level specialists conducting the event.