Tunisia: USSEC hosts its first Soybean Products Quality Control Webinar

Over 20 Tunisian and Algerian customers explored the importance of quality in soybean products throughout the webinar in November.

The U.S. Soy advantage was a common theme among presentations during the first Soybean Products Quality Control Webinar. USSEC CEO Jim Sutter gave great testimony to the quality and advantages of U.S. Soy through a video played in the opening presentation. Riadh Karma, USSEC representative in Tunisia, supported Sutter’s claims by emphasizing the importance of quality among different soybean products in animal feed.

He also presented the major place of soybean meal in the cost of production, especially as prices have recently increased dramatically.

USSEC CEO Jim Sutter presented on the advantages of U.S. Soy.

Dr. Van Eys, Nutritionist and a specialist in soybean products quality control, presented an overview on global soybean production during the webinar. This presentation included updated information on soybean use in global animal feed production. He also focused on the sustainability of U.S. Soy as compared to that of other origins and provided a review of all aspects of soybean meal quality in feed production.

Dr. Van Eys presented an overview on global soybean production during the webinar.

Dr. Gonzalo Mateos, a well-recognized soybean specialist, presented on the composition, nutritive value, and quality control of soybeans, both raw and processed. He focused on nutritive composition, the management of raw beans during harvest, and storage. Throughout the presentation, Mateos noted the high quality of U.S. Soy and its benefits to customers. He also presented on the utilization of soy oil and co-products, such as lecithin and acidulated soap stocks, in poultry feeding and quality control.

Although some Tunisian companies are still price-driven and rely only on protein content, many customers are starting to further understand the advantages of U.S. Soy.