Soy in Aquaculture Efforts Increase Sustainability and Profitability of Fastest Growing Animal Ag Sector

The U.S. soybean check-off program helped create a market for over 180 million bushels of soybean meal over the past decade and a half through the development, field testing and demonstration of all-plant protein, soymeal-based feeds to fish farmers in China.
This helped boost China freshwater aquaculture production from less than 5 metric tons (mmt) to more than 20 mmt by alleviating the necessity for traditional animal protein sources, such as fishmeal, in most freshwater fish diets. In the process, it helped the China aquaculture industry advance from traditional manure-based to modern, feed-based production of the majority of carp, tilapia, catfish and other freshwater fish species. This provided both domestic and international consumers with ready access to higher quality aquatic products at reasonable prices, while providing a growing market for soybean products.