Russian Poultry Institute Invites USSEC to Participate in Poultry Seminar

At the invitation of the Russian Poultry Research Institute (VNITIP), USSEC participated in a poultry seminar in Sergiev Posad, Russia on April 12.
USSEC consultant Professor Julian Wiseman from the University of Nottingham, Great Britain, accompanied by a local consultant Dr. Maria Domoroshchenkova, attended the technical seminar, “Modern Technologies in Feeds Production, in Feeding of High Productive Poultry Crosses, Control of Safety and Quality of Compound Feeds, Premixes and Biologically Active Additives" in the ancient Russian town that originated in the 15th century around one of the great Russian monasteries, the Trinity Lavra, located 70 kilometers from Moscow.
The Poultry Institute organizes such seminars on a regular biannual basis for local poultry nutritionists, feed manufacturers, managers of poultry farms and mixed feeds plants. In the last six years, USSEC consultants have become regular and honored visitors of such seminars sharing with local customers the modern global and European trends in poultry production and feeding programs, new developments in soy feed additives production and control, and the nutritional value and benefits of U.S. Soy versus other protein sources.

Dr. Julian Wiseman submits the technical presentation: “Variability in the Nutritive Value of Fats and Oils for Poultry.”

The one-day visit to the seminar was used to network and to educate local poultry nutritionists and producers and to get a better understanding (access) of the Russian markets. A total of 55 people attended the seminar. Attendees were predominantly representatives of the feed industry, poultry nutritionists and scientists. It was very important to demonstrate to local customers the feeding benefits of soybean oil versus other fats and oils sources. The USSEC presentation was well received, as evidenced by the number of questions and reactions.

Attendees of the poultry seminar in Sergiev Posad

Local poultry farms are the principal users of soybean meal in Russia compared to other animal producers. The Russian Poultry Union estimated the total demand of the Russian poultry producers in soybean meal in 2018 as 3,446 million tonnes. Poultry feeds occupied a 64.2 percent share in structure of the total volume of compound feed production in Russia in 2018 of 28.9 million tonnes. USSEC’s marketing efforts are beneficial for the promotion of soy additives in poultry feeding programs at a nutritionally recommended dosage with special attention to the nutritional quality of soybean meal and soy oil, which eventually will contribute to the growth of demand of U.S. Soy.
The important role of USSEC and US soybean production and global supplies was discussed during the visit and it was clearly appreciated and recognized. The attendees and comments heard during this seminar underlined and supported the above premises.

Dr. Julian Wiseman with leading Russian poultry scientist and academician Ivan Egorov, Manager of Scientific Direction – Poultry Nutrition
Dr. Wiseman with the leading Russian poultry scientist and academician Vladimir Fisinin, Manager of Scientific Researches of the Russian Poultry Institute and President of the Russian Poultry Union
Dr. Wiseman with the poultry seminar attendees visiting labs of the Poultry Institute
Dr. Wiseman with the poultry seminar attendees visiting labs of the Poultry Institute