Wuchang Bream (Megalobrama amblycephala) Fry to Fingerling Growth Performance on Soymeal-Based Feeds

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Category: Aquaculture

Region: Northeast Asia


A feeding trial was conducted at the Tai Xing Fish Stock Farm in Tai Xing, Jiangsu Province, to demonstrate the fry to fingerling growth performance of wuchang bream using the ASA 80:20 production model and ASA soymeal-based fry and fingerling feeds. Fish were stocked in three, 2.0- mu ponds at densities of 5,000 wuchang bream and 800 silver carp fry per mu. Wuchang bream grew from 0.2 g to an average weight of 43.8 g per fish in 117 days of feeding. Gross production averaged 189.1 kg/mu for wuchang bream and 60.5 kg/mu for silver carp. Average survival rates for wuchang bream and silver carp were 86.4% and 96.4%, respectively. Wuchang bream FCR for the combination of ASA fry and fingerling feeds was 1.36:1. Net economic return for the three trial ponds averaged RMB 392.61/mu per mu. ROI averaged 18%. Results of the feeding demonstration showed that wuchang bream fed well on extruded, floating feed, and exhibited good growth performance, FCR, survival and economic return with the ASA soymeal-based feeds and 80:20 production technology.