Red Drum (Sciaenops ocellata) Advanced Fry to Fingerling Growth on Manufactured Feed and Fresh Fish Rations

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Category: Aquaculture

Region: Northeast Asia


Red drum growth from advanced fry to 3-g fingerlings was compared using wild caught fresh fish and manufactured feed rations. Wild caught fresh fish was fed in a ground, paste form. Manufactured feeds were fed as No. 3 (1.1-1.5 mm) crumbles and 1.5-mm extruded pellets. Red drum fry were stocked in 2.25-m3 cages at a density of 2,500 fish per cage at 36 days post swim-up. Red drum fry grew from an average weight of 0.21 g to 3.24 g and 3.42 g, respectively, on the manufactured feeds and fresh fish paste in 24 days. Feed conversion ratios for the manufactured feeds and fresh fish paste were 1.43:1 and 5.17:1, respectively. Fish survival was 91.5% for fish fed the manufactured feeds, and 81.0% for fish fed the fresh fish paste. While growth was 5% better with the fresh fish paste, higher fish survival and better feed conversion with the manufactured feeds resulted in higher fish production and greater economic return. Results indicate that manufactured feeds can effectively replace fresh fish as the starter food for advanced red drum fry in cages.