Production of Red Tilapia in LVHD Cages With Soy-Based Feed

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Category: Aquaculture

Region: Northeast Asia


Growth performance of red tilapia was demonstrated from fingerling to market stages using the ASALVHD cage technology and an all-plant protein, soy-based feed. Red tilapia in three replicate cages of size 1.0-m3 were fed to satiation twice daily with the ASA 32/6 soybean meal-based feed in extruded, floating pellet form. Tilapia grew from 52 g to 577 in 150 days, with an average FCR of 1.34:1. Fish survival averaged 98.3%. Fish production averaged 225.8 kg/m3. Net economic return averaged RMB 712 per m3, at an average market price of RMB 10/kg for red tilapia. Return to investment averaged 46% for the three trial cages.

Production of 225 kg/m3 demonstrated the effectiveness of the ASA LVHD technology and soy-based feed. Compared to traditional cages, the LVHD cages yielded higher production, were easier to manage, and had lower labor costs. The ASA soy-based feed yielded lower FCR, better fish health, higher economic return and less environmental contamination than was previously obtained by the cooperator with traditional sinking feeds. In addition, no drugs or chemicals were required in the trial, which yielded high quality “green” fish without contamination.