Production of Hybrid Tilapia in Ponds in Guangzhou with a Soy-Maximized, Extruded Feed

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Category: Aquaculture

Region: Northeast Asia


A feeding trial was conducted to demonstrate fingerling to market growth performance of hybrid tilapia in ponds in the Guangzhou, China region using a soy-maximized, all-plant protein feed. Fish were stocked in three, 4.7-mu (0.31-ha) ponds at a density of 800 hybrid tilapia and 100 silver carp per mu (12,000 tilapia and 1,500 silver carp per ha). Hybrid tilapia grew from 79 g to an average weight of 497 g per fish in 124 days of feeding. Gross production of harvestable size fish averaged 390 kg/mu (5,851 kg/ha) for hybrid tilapia and 32 kg/mu (476 kg/ha) for silver carp. Average estimated FCR with hybrid tilapia was 1.63:1. Low fish production and poor FCR were the result of significant tilapia reproduction in the three trial ponds, indicating poor quality hybrid stock. The trial was terminated early, before the tilapia could reach the 600-g target market size because of the tilapia reproduction problem.