Production of Goldenfin Pompano in 6.4-m3 Cages In Coastal Waters in Zhuhai, China

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Category: Aquaculture

Region: Northeast Asia


A feeding trial was conducted in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, China to demonstrate growth performance of goldenfin pompano in near-shore coastal cages with a high soybean meal inclusion feed. Pompano were stocked in three, 6.4-m3 cages at a density of 1,600 fish per cage. Pompano were fed a 43% crude protein, 12% crude lipid diet formulated with soybean meal at a 32% inclusion rate as partial substitution for fish meal. Pompano grew from 5 g to an average weight of 346 g per fish in 137 days of feeding. Gross production averaged 56.9 kg/m3 (364 kg per cage) in the three trial cages. The average survival rate for fish in the three cages was 65.6%. Average FCR was 2.3:1. Average net economic return was RMB 2,501 ($303) per cage, yielding a 34.2% return on investment. Fluctuating salinity and turbidity caused chronic water quality problems that impacted pompano performance. Poor water quality was estimated to have increased FCR by approximately 15% and reduced survival by approximately 25%. Results of the trial indicate that Guishang Island is not a good site for pompano culture due to the severity of water quality fluctuations.