Pompano (Trachinotus ovatus) Growth Performance in 1.5-m3 Cages with Soybean Meal and Fishmeal Based Feed Rations

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Category: Aquaculture

Region: Northeast Asia


Pompano (Trachinotus ovatus) growth in cages was evaluated with fishmeal and soybean meal based feed rations. Two ioscaloric and isonitrogenous feed rations were formulated to contain 43% protein and 12% fat. One ration was formulated predominantly with fishmeal, while the other ration contained 40% dehulled soybean meal. Fish were stocked in 1.5-m3 cages at 400 fish per m3 and fed for 150 days. Pompano grew from 2.7 g to 222 g with the soy-based ration, and from 2.7 g to 218 g with the fishmeal-based ration. There was no significant difference in fish growth (P>0.05) with the two feeds. FCR averaged 2.13:1 and 2.23:1 for the soy-based and fishmeal-based rations, respectively. Survival averaged 72% for all cages and treatments. Net economic return was 12% higher and return to investment was 10% greater with the soy-based ration. Production of pompano in cages with manufactured feeds was demonstrated to be both technically and economically feasible. Replacement of fishmeal with dehulled, high protein soybean meal resulted in no reduction in fish growth and a significant cost savings for feed.